Diplo ft Trippie Redd – Wish

Diplo ft Trippie Redd - Wish

Close Trippie Redd followers will probably recognize elements of “Wish,” which was leaked in a more raw form last month. Looking at the SoundCloud comments of the mastered version of the song, it’s clear that the rapper’s biggest followers were more into the edgier, demo-like cut of the track, which given that it’s closer to Trippie’s regular style, is not altogether surprising. But this is a Diplo project after all, so some gloss was to be expected, and Trippie’s strong vocal performance stands up when held above the murk. As dark as the subject matter can be (“Wish you’d get out my face, might go MIA / Might just blow my brain, I’d be Kurt Cobain / I can’t feel my face”), it almost feels bright and fast enough for pop radio, which is probably not something Trippie was ever aiming for. Even if it’s a little too clean for his early supporters, there will undoubtedly be some listeners who discover Trippie through the collab, and with a performance this memorable, many of them take the time to dive a little deeper.

Quotable Lyrics:
I wish you would find your chill
‘Cause Lord knows this shit get real
If it is price, you know you’d kill
Man, this big rack, you know the deal
Man, this big slap, you know the deal
Draco a big dragon, fire and hell
And send me man, say yourself
‘Cause I do not need no hell

Diplo ft Trippie Redd – Wish

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