Russ – The Flute Song

Russ - The Flute Song

Russ has been rolling out a ton of new music over the past month or two, sharing songs like “Dangerous,” “Don’t Fall For It” & “September 16” to name just a few, but it turns out those were all just some warm up records ahead of his forthcoming Zoo album, which drops September 7. Today, the multi-talented ATL artist decides to kick off the album’s campaign by sharing the lead single “The Flute Song.”

Following up his “Tell My Why” release, Russ hops on this flute-driven production from Scott Storch and gets a few things off chest, boasting about always winning and doing whatever he wants when he wants. “I do whatever I want, whenever I want/ I love it, People keep talking, I just keep winning/ Im just like fuck it” he spits.

Take a listen to the new single and let us know what you think. Record available on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Everybody tryna get a rise out of me (yeah)
Ex girls tryna get a “Hi” out of me (yeah)
I don’t talk back ‘less you’re worthy (no)
Hangin’ plaques up like jerseys (sauce)
25 racks for lies on me
My family relies on me

Russ – The Flute Song

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