MadeinTYO – Sincerely Tokyo (Album)

MadeinTYO - Sincerely Tokyo Album (Zip Download)

In 2016, Madeintyo started penning his story. Three mixtapes, two EPs, two platinum singles and the Atlanta artist is ready to punctuate the first chapter of his musical career with his debut album, Sincerely, Tokyo, on Friday (Oct. 26).
The album follows his last outing True’s World, which was released last August. Since then, the “Uber Everywhere” rapper has been intensely juggling being a musician and being a father. “I know it’s been a min since I dropped my last project, been learning about myself as an artist, a friend, a father,” he said on Instagram earlier this month. “THIS ALBUM is for the kids that love ‘You are Forgiven’ and a mixture of some of my friends that are helping me grow musically!”
Coming in at 14 tracks, the LP features guest appearances from A$AP Ferg, Gunna, 24HRS, Roy Wood$, Blood Orange and Tinashe.
The tracks “Ned Flanders” with Ferg and “Outstanding” have led the way. For production, TYO utilizes frequent collaborator K. Swisha, in-demand beat maker Ronny J and more.
Fittingly, Made offered an open letter to fans and collaborators prior to the album’s release. “Thank you to all the amazing artists that contributed to the album,” he wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to all my fans, who have supported me unconditionally. I hope you listen & enjoy all the vibes on this body of work. – Sincerely Tokyo ❤️.”

Listen to Madeintyo’s Sincerely, Tokyo album below.


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