Stream Khalid’s “Suncity” EP

Stream Khalid's "Suncity" EP

After a ton of hit singles, R&B singer Khalid is ready to release his next round of new music. Announced last week, the Texas singer decides to come through today and share a new EP called Suncity, which he says is “the start of a new era.”

Serving as his first project since last year’s wildly successful debut American Teen, Suncity contains 7 songs in total and a lone feature from Empress Of, who appears on the title track. Meanwhile production is said to come from Charlie Handsome, DIGI, DJDS, John Hill, Khalid & Rogét Chahayed, among others.

“I’ve been working so hard to make music that really emulates what’s inside of me,” he told Billboard at the American Music Awards, where he won Favorite Male Artist for Soul/R&B. “And I’ve really been taking risks, so hopefully the risks pay off.”

Led by the previously heard single “Better,” fans can now stream the EP in its entirety via Apple Music/Spotify. Show your support on iTunes.


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